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Why You Should Have Emergency Lighting

23rd September 2022

Although lighting and fire safety might not seem like the most obvious combination, emergency lighting is actually a very key and important part of it. This blog will explain to you the importance of emergency lighting, where it is needed and what types are available.

The law

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, people who own commercial establishments and familiar parts of houses in multiple occupations (MCO), are the ones in charge of fire safety for anyone on those premises at any given time. Legally, these buildings must be safe, even when power might go down. Therefore, emergency lighting will make it safer, so it needs to be installed.

It’s purpose

In simple terms, emergency lighting can save people's lives. If the building’s power supply goes down, the building will still have lights, allowing its occupants to safely depart in the case of an emergency, such as a fire.

Typically when a large fire happens, after the alarm has gone off, the building might end up in darkness. This emergency will cause people to panic, it might not be as easy as you think to find your way out. Emergency lighting allows for a route to be mapped out distinctly by illumination, so occupants can find their way out in the easiest way. It will light up stairs and corridors and make other vital fire safety equipment visible, like fire extinguishers.

The light’s requirements

Usually, emergency lights can be used with a switch, these maintained lights can be activated by this switch or automatically if the power was to go out. Alternatively, non-maintained lights will only work when the power goes out, it’s typically powered by batteries. As you might have guessed, both of these types of lights need regular testing, to ensure they are up to standards at all times.

Where it is needed

This mostly varies from building to building, depending on its layout and where natural light is visible if the building is used during the day. If the building is used at night as well, it will normally need emergency lighting in all areas. Usual areas include escape routes, fire doors, fire safety equipment, lifts and many more vital places.

Here at Fire Stoppers, we can install emergency lighting for your premises, both maintained and non-maintained fittings, we also provide service checks, every 6 months. Click here to see the emergency lighting services we offer.

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