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Fire Door Installation and Repairs

Do you need correctly fitted, high-quality fire doors installed? Or, perhaps you need yours repaired?

Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties, like businesses, flats or public buildings.

Our qualified professionals can expertly install high-quality fire doors on your premises and repair them when necessary. Our expert engineers will come to you and fit or repair fire doors correctly at a convenient time so your business has the best fire door protection. Fire doors give you the best chance of escaping should a fire break out. These doors’ purpose is to keep escape routes clear of fire and smoke, they are worth investing in and being installed correctly.

How will our fire door installation service help you?

  • The doors will be installed by a professional expert
  • They’ll give you extra time to escape should a fire break out
  • We’re flexible, our appointments are booked at a time that suits you
  • We’ll regularly inspect and repair your doors to ensure they stay in the best condition
  • Our engineers will provide you with exceptional service for a great price

Why choose us?

Here at Fire Stoppers, we’re proud to be offering an exceptional fire door installation service. In fact, we’re currently going for the Bluesky Certification for third-party accreditation in the installation of fire doors. This means we have a quality management system in place for this service and receive audits on our installations twice a year, giving you peace of mind that our engineers are up to standard, and that the paperwork we produce is in line with Regulation 38. 

This service is best suited for commercial businesses that are looking to improve their fire safety throughout their premises, let us visit you and truly make a difference. Not only do we install fire doors, but we can also repair them when needed. At Fire Stoppers, we understand that you’re busy with many other priorities, so let your fire doors become ours.

Fire Stoppers came in to replace and repair many of our fire doors. It was a big project and Fire Stoppers was great throughout. The level of finish to all the doors was amazing and they were very accommodating so our operations were not hindered in any way.


Call Fire Stoppers Today to Book Your Next Fire Door Installation

Contact us today to schedule a convenient appointment for expert fire door installation or repair at your commercial business and receive exceptional service at a great price.