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At Fire Stoppers, we pride ourselves on the expert services we provide in fire stopping with expert knowledge that comes from years of experience. Fire Stoppers saves businesses thousands of pounds every year by delivering a one-stop shop for all their fire stopping requirements.

Fire Stopping

Suppressing the spread of a fire is a vital factor in fire stopping. At Fire Stoppers, our services are designed to repair, fit and assess any aspect of your building that could allow the passing of smoke or fire.

The overarching goal is to provide protection for people within the building for a specified period of time of 60 minutes, which gives a safer amount of time to evacuate a building, however, this is dependent on the requirements and physical factors of the building. The addition of fire-resistant compartments is intended to contain the fire from spreading horizontally or vertically, which is done by filling all gaps and holes within the building.

The Three Elements to Fire Stopping

There are three elements to fire stopping. The first, fire-rated walls, partitions, and floors/ceilings being penetrated. The second, the cables and cable trays that make up the thing creating the penetration and the methods and materials being used to seal the penetrations.

In addition to these, a contractor making an installation must decide whether these fixtures will remain permanent or not. The penetrations may need to change during the renovations of new tenants, which may require new electrical installations. Permanent penetrations are those that are made for building power, while data-cable and telephone penetrations may be changed during the history of a building.

To achieve full compliance with UK passive fire protection regulations, all our installation products used at Firestoppers comply with fire resistance ratings in accordance with British government standards.

We are here if you need a fire risk assessment quote or review of current fire risk assessment