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Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance Service Nottingham

Correctly fitted, high-quality fire doors are the best chance every business has of keeping escape routes clear and free from smoke and fire. In a fire, a good solid fire door really can be the difference between life and death. But your fire doors do need to be installed properly and regularly inspected by a qualified professional to ensure that they continue to perform as they should.

You can carry out visual checks on your own, looking at the intumescent seals, checking that there’s no larger than a 4mm gap between door and frame, that the door is in good condition, without any damage and is never propped open, and that it is marked clearly with a ‘Fire Door’ sign. You should also check that the hinges are properly fitted and working correctly, along with the door closer, and that the door automatically closes properly.

All of these are good checks to do for yourself in between fire door inspections, but a regular professional fire door inspection is a must. Check out the video from the British Woodworking Federation above, highlighting what happens when you have a fire door that’s faulty or not properly installed.

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Why choose us?

Fire Stoppers’ team has years of experience and up to date training in all aspects of the fire industry, covering service, maintenance, inspection and commissioning of everything from fire alarms to emergency lighting, along with full fire risk assessments and fire door inspections.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and do everything we can to ensure that every piece of fire equipment our business customers have is in peak condition and compliant, with thorough and careful inspections to give our customers complete peace of mind.

With 24/7 emergency cover and cost-effective services, you can trust your budget, your business, and your fire equipment to us. Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can help with your next fire door inspection.

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Why not use our one-stop service? Under this service, our expert engineers will carry out all of your fire safety work in one day, where possible! Not only will this save you time from having to have multiple tradespeople and visits, but it’ll also save your business money! Click here to learn more about one-stop!

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Put your mind at rest and ensure you comply with all fire regulations with your regular fire door inspection from Fire Stoppers.