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Everything you need to know about Fire Alarm Systems

16th September 2022

Fire is one of the biggest threats to a company, you can be at risk of losing everything. In order to be as fire safe as possible, you need to implement a number of fire safety measures, one of the most important being a fire alarm. This blog will explain to you everything you need to know about fire alarms, from the basics to the different types and benefits. In fact, fire rules state that as an owner of an organisation, you’re the one responsible for fire safety.

How do they work?

In simple terms fire alarms sense smoke, warmth or carbon monoxide, this makes the alarm sound to alert people. The vast majority of fire alarms are wireless, so this is done through radio frequency and thermistor technology. There are also specialist sensors that help do this job and sometimes photo energy too. 

Types of systems

The main types of fire alarm systems are conventional and addressable. In conventional systems, the alarm is much more general, so an alarm would go off in the zone that has been affected. An addressable system is much more precise and generally more expensive as it can find the exact location of a fire.

Fire alarm monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring is the link from your fire alarm to a larger safety centre so in an event of a fire, you'd quickly get help and a fire engine if needed. This technology works by the alarm giving off a signal via networks when it sounds, then this monitoring centre contacts people to help. This includes owners of the property and company, as well as fire help too.

Fire alarm monitoring is extremely useful to keep your premises safe when no one is there to hear the alarm themselves. This might be when it’s out of business hours when you’re on holiday and much more. A fire alarm monitoring system can help limit the damage before it's too late.

Fire alarm systems offer early fire detection and allow for a faster response, ultimately saving you costs and protecting your premises. In terms of your own health, this will stop you from consuming more smoke, and keep you away from the fire.

The top causes of fires

Unfortunately, many fires are actually caused by common issues, little mistakes that you should be aware of in order to minimize your fire risk.

  • Carelessness
  • Heating machinery
  • Cooking equipment
  • Faulty wires

How we can help

Here at Fire Stoppers, we can install a range of fire alarm systems, both wireless, conventional and addressable depending on your needs. We have lots of experience in installing, commissioning and maintaining all types of fire alarms. We want to ensure your asset’s emergency protection is up to date and is as good as it can be. In fact, we use BS 5839-1 of the British Standards Institution’s fire standards to ensure your property is getting the right protection, let us help you choose a system that is best for you. As well as this, we also offer 24/7 monitoring of your fire alarms, giving you peace of mind that our team is always here to help you. Click here to find out more about our fire alarm services.