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Takeaway, Restaurants & Cafes Fire Safety

14th July 2022

If you are a business owner of a takeaway or cafe, fire safety is still important! Within this blog, there will be the essentials you need to know to keep your business environment safe. 

Catering businesses, like takeaways, cafes, or restaurants may have slightly different fire safety due to the equipment inside the venue. The main causes for these businesses are kitchen appliances (25%), cookers (23%), and electrical distribution (17%). By reading this blog we hope to inform you of these risks and how to potentially reduce them.

Fire Safety Fact:

Did you know that everyone in a business needs to complete certain assessments? Such as the Fire Risk Assessment, and plans, for example, the Emergency Plan, just in case of a fire.  


The first step to solidifying your business's fire prevention plan and strategy is identifying the main causes of a fire in your business. From 2016/17, firefighters that are main focus was the London areas found fires in catering businesses had some common factors.

Common Fire Risks Within a Food Business:

  1. Uncleaned Ducting - if you or your staff don’t clean the ducting within your extraction system on a regular basis, your business is at risk of having a ducting fire. 
  2. Electrical Fires - Remember to test our equipment and electrical appliances, especially portable equipment (like blenders and toasters)
  3. Electrical Lighting - These items can be positioned too close to flammable materials.
  4. Cook Techniques
  5. Tumble Dryers - materials can begin to over heat, in a tumble dryer which can cause a fire if the lint isn’t cleaned regularly. Ensure all staff in charge of cleaning and drying clothes are aware of this.
  6. Outside areas - Especially in the winter months, companies supply outdoor heaters, which are powered by gas, to make sure all staff are aware and understand the workings of the outdoor heaters. 

Firefighters' Tips for Food Businesses:

As suggested by the list above, there are some additional risks, when it comes to fire safety, so here are a few tips from firefighters to keep your business venue safe.

  • Clean your ducts on a regular basis, as well as ensure this is installed correctly.
  • Ensure all electrical appliances are tested and maintained.
  • Ensure your electrical system is regularly tested.
  • Educate your staff on fire safety, and additional services and appliances, like outdoor heaters and the tumble dryer.
  • Remember to complete your Fire Risk Assessment and ensure you have a clear Emergency Plan.

If you want more information on fire safety, why not visit our website? Or read our blog on ‘A Fire Safety Manager’s and Fire Warden’s Responsibilities’, which could be helpful to you and your business.