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A Fire Safety Manager’s and Fire Warden’s Responsibilities 

8th July 2022

It is important for a company to have a Fire Safety Manager, this will help the business ensure that the company's Health and Safety remains in check, and guidelines are being met. Through this, it is important to keep all employees updated on the fire safety and general health and safety guidelines.


Fire Safety Manager:

A Fire Safety Manager, or Health and Safety Manager has the main responsibility of ensuring the workplace is safe, and checking up to date with the correct guidelines. Their main role is monitoring, identifying, and investigating any hazards or accidents, as well as educating employees. 

An organisation having a set Health and Safety Manager will help prevent accidents and ensure that the HSE legislation is being met by employees.


What a Fire Warden Must Consider: 

A Fire Warden’s main priority in an event of a fire is to ensure people evacuate the building safely and are confident in the routes they should take. 

Fire Awareness Training is a key aspect that Fire Wardens educate employees on. This training can be seen to be repetitive, but it is an important topic! It isn’t surprising to know many people do not have the right training in place, due to the repetition or similarities in training information. However, completing the fire training can mean acting quickly and saving collateral damage. In turn, saving companies thousands of pounds, they must be mad to miss out on training! 


Fire Warden's Responsibilities:

A Fire Warden has many responsibilities from keeping a fire evacuation running smoothly to keeping employees up-to-date with regulations and safety rules.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ensuring fire emergency and evacuation plans are in place
  • Checking all fire exits are in order
  • Carrying out evacuation drills and risk assessments
  • Ensuring fire equipment is fully installed, functioning, and easily accessible

Here at Fire Stoppers, we supply important training for your business and employees, this training is divided up into three different courses: fire marshal training, practical fire extinguisher training, and fire safety. If you are interested in getting your fire safety up-to-date, get in touch with us today.