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What is a BAFE Accreditation?

22nd July 2022

If you’re looking for a fire safety professional to work for your company you must make sure that they have a BAFE accreditation. In a nutshell, this is the qualification that lets you know that a company is qualified enough to be doing fire safety work professionally and competently. This article will explain to you what BAFE accreditation is and the importance of fire safety companies having it.


BAFE is the British Approvals of Fire Excellence, they check fire companies across the UK to make sure they are meeting the requirements and criteria that are expected of them. BAFE’s focus is on Third-Party Certification Schemes, whether that is accessing or creating better ones; they want as many fire safety companies as possible to have this certificate.

The Accreditation

A BAFE accreditation signifies that a fire safety company has got all of BAFE’s quality and safety requirements. Therefore, this assures customers that they are going to a company that is accredited and that they are in safe hands.

How do these assessments happen?

The British Approvals of Fire Excellence carry out these checks themselves, independently to ensure they have proof of these standards, and then the UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies are licensed to carry out the actual assessments.

Why choose a company with BAFE Accreditation?

There are an array of perks if you choose to work with a fire safety company that has BAFE accreditation. You can have confidence that they are of the required standards and know that these standards are reviewed and changed when needed, so the company is up to date with fire safety requirements as possible when working in your organisation. You then know that your company’s premises will be as safe as possible and that the work being done is of a quality standard and that all of this is independently assessed.

We are accredited!

Did you know that at Fire Stoppers Limited we have been accredited with a BAFE Third Party Certification? We are also on tier 3 of the IFSM National Fire Risk Assessor Register, meaning we can carry out risk assessments even on the most complex of buildings. Click here to visit our website to find out more and get in touch today.


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