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Important Pointers on Your Fire Safety Log Book

9th September 2022

Popular questions among business owners are: What even is the fire safety book actually for? How could your fire log book help? And how do you maintain it?

What is it?

The fire safety log book is used to document the building's information regarding fire safety standards, policies, updates, and maintenance checks. Each building has specific information.

What is the purpose?

The logbook allows information to be easily accessible, with an overview for the fire marshals, managers, engineers, and any Fire Officers visiting the building. This will help ensure the business remains up to date with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

What to include?

  • Escape routes - All doors should be labeled, pathways should be obstruction-free, and automatic doors and self-closing devices fully operational without electricity?
  • Maintain fire alarms and detection systems - Testing and maintaining fire alarms and fire detection systems. As well as, recording fire alarm checks within the log book, and ensuring failures are fixed.
  • Fire safety equipment - This will include alerts on fire safety equipment needed for the building, as well as services and checks. Examples of equipment within this section would be fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire doors, fire safety training, and fire drill records.

The main benefits of using a fire safety log book:

  1. The book can support you in keeping your business and the work environment safe, as possible. It can act as a checklist, aiding you in keeping on track, and making sure nothing is overlooked and equipment is in working order. The logbook can also help keep, not just you, but your company's employees are also well-informed.
  2. Finally, your fire safety log book can enable you to show your compliance with the regulations in place, it highlights you are keeping up to date with the checks. Furthermore, it will demonstrate you, as the business manager, are meeting the duty of care you have for your employees, customers, and work premises. The logbook can also protect you against malpractice accusations from a Fire Officer visit.

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you understand the importance of the fire safety log book and keeping it up to date. For more information on Fire Safety visit our website today!