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How To Stay Fire Safe Over The Festive Period

2nd December 2022

Now it’s December, the festive period is well and truly upon us. However, it’s also a period where there are a number of potential fire hazards. This blog will give you our best tips and advice to keep yourself and everyone around you safe over the festive season.

  • Christmas trees

Christmas trees are beautiful and are a large part of everyone’s Christmas celebrations, however, they do carry a fire risk. If you choose an artificial tree you need to make sure that it’s fire retardant, and for real trees, you need to make sure it’s regularly watered and it’s dry, that’s when the issues start to happen. For Christmas tree fire safety, click here to read our full article.

  • Fireplace

A nice warm fire is the perfect way to keep your house warm on these cold winter evenings, but is yours as safe as it can be? Your chimney should be cleared out once a year and you should have a fire guard in place. As well as this, whilst it might be tempting to decorate your fireplace with festive decorations, such as cards, it’s best to keep these flammable materials away.

  • Cooking

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without lots of delicious food and family get-togethers, so usually, most people are cooking more. This means you should be extra careful with risks to ensure your safety. Remember to never leave your hob unattended, and to keep these areas clear of any towels or packaging that could easily be set alight. Why not get a fire safety blanket to keep in your kitchen? It won’t take long to learn how to use it and it will give you peace of mind if anything was to go wrong.

  • Candles

Whilst candles are pretty and you can get some in a range of gorgeous festive scents, they can be dangerous. They shouldn’t be near any curtains or decorations and they should never be left unattended, even if you’re in a different room. Have you thought about using LED ones instead? They’ll still create a nice atmosphere but won’t carry any of the risks.

  • Decorations

These can sometimes be the biggest fire hazard! You should keep them away from sources of heat, like lights or flames such as candles or your fireplace.

  • Electrics

You’ve got your Christmas lights plugged in, and some other appliances, but it’s so important to not overload your sockets, especially extension leads. These can cause electrical faults and fires. It’s also important to ensure your lights aren’t damaged or faulty, inspect them every time you use them!

  • Fireworks

As the new year rolls around you might be using some fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Make sure you are being careful and sensible, you should have safety procedures in place!

With these tips, you can ensure your festive period will be both enjoyable and safe, for everyone involved. 

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