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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fire Safe

25th November 2022

It’s the time of year when everyone is putting up their Christmas trees and getting well into the festivities. It’s an exciting time, but fire safety shouldn’t be forgotten. Christmas trees can cause a range of fire hazards and are responsible for many fires. This post will explain how to prevent fires from breaking out from your Christmas tree over the festive period.

The tree

If you’re opting for your trusty artificial tree, ensure your choice is fire retardant. Although this isn’t fireproof, it’ll take longer to become alight. In terms of real trees, they are made up of wood, something that burns easily, which is important to keep in mind. Therefore, when opting for a real tree you should consider any fire risks that could be present, so you can control them and reduce the likelihood of a fire. You should also keep any type of flame away from the tree, as this could fuel a fire, for example, candles. We would also recommend using a fire guard so embers are less likely to escape.

Make sure it isn’t old!

Did you know that older trees are more flammable? This is because the wood is more dried out than newer trees, meaning it is more likely to be flammable. When selecting your tree, choose one that has a night bright green colour and has a strong distinctive Christmas tree smell, another good test is to gently drop it on the ground, only a few needles should fall off.

Keep it watered

If you want your tree to last well and keep its festive scent, water is key! Water is also crucial to keeping your tree fire-resistant, the more moisture it has, the less likely the wood will dry out and cause fire to spread fast. Your tree should be drinking up to two pints of water each day, and should ideally be stood in a bucket to ensure it has continuous moisture.


Christmas lights are popular and for a good reason! They light up your tree and come in a range of colours and sizes, but did you know that they carry a large fire risk? You need to remember the rule that sources of heat should not be unattended, so you should turn off the lights when no one is around. If you struggle to remember, why not buy a timer to do the hard work for you? It’ll give you peace of mind. 

You should also consider the age of your lights when using them, the older your lights are, the more likely they are to be faulty and unsafe. Keep an eye out for signs of wear and ensure they are thrown out if damaged. Not only can old, faulty or damaged lights cause fires, but they can also cause electrical shocks and burns.

Another thing to remember is to make sure you’re using the right type of lights; only use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors and never overload your sockets. Keep to simple rules like using one extension lead per socket, not connecting two extensions, and checking them regularly can make a big difference.


Have you thought about the materials that your decorations might be made up from? Card, wood, and more are all flammable substances. You shouldn’t attach these to lights or any source of heat or fire as they can easily catch alight. From handmade baubles to Christmas cards from loved ones, keep them well out of the way for your safety.

Fire Safety Equipment

Preparation is key to avoiding disasters, so ensure your fire safety equipment is up to date to do this. Make sure your fire alarms are working and are being tested regularly, even having a few spare batteries in your drawer will be helpful for when they run out. Here at Fire Stoppers, our team of expert engineers can design, install, commission, and maintain your fire alarms, no matter their type. They do this within the current BS 5839-1:2017 fire regulations, they can help you choose what system and category are right for your premises. 

Click here to learn more on our website. For more fire safety tips and advice, head to our blog to read our other posts.