Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Installation and Servicing

With our experience and knowledge in the industry, we can help to install and service fire extinguishers in a very short amount of time. Once installed, the extinguishers will need servicing regularly. When extinguishers are due for a service we complete discharge tests and replace new units at a cost-effective price. We will then dispose of any old extinguishers in an environmentally friendly way, this is done at our office.

Here is a list of the extinguishers that we can help to install and service:

  • 1 CO2 fire extinguishers
  • 2 Dry powder fire extinguishers
  • 3 Foam fire extinguishers
  • 4 Water fire extinguishers
  • 5 Wet chemical fire extinguishers

There are various different types of fire extinguishers. We can advise on which type your company may need. We offer tailored information on which ones would best suit your businesses needs.

Fire Stoppers

Practical fire extinguisher training

The responsible person for your business or organisation has a duty of care to ensure the fire safety of their staff. These staff and others who have some fire safety responsibility should receive adequate information, instruction and training on a regular basis including the use of fire extinguishers. At Firestoppers, we offer this practical training to ensure anyone who has fire safety responsibility has the necessary fire extinguisher training required.

Upon completion of our practical fire extinguisher training you should be able to:

  • Understand the need to follow fire safety procedures.
  • Know the various types of fire extinguisher and what fires they are used for.
  • Be confident in dealing with a small fire should this occur.

Do You Need to Invest in a New Fire Extinguisher?

At Fire Stoppers Ltd, we know that The Fire Safety Order requires employers to have their fire extinguishers regularly serviced and maintained, this is a legal responsibility. As well as this, portable fire extinguishers should be provided in the workplace. This ensures that personnel have the means of extinguishing or controlling a small fire. Our team can assist with any fire extinguisher needs that your business may have, we offer set prices for basic servicing.


We are here if you need a fire extinguisher quote, install or review of current equipment and service or practical fire extinguisher training.


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