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Sage Therapy Centre

The Client

This Client was a new therapy centre. We installed the fire alarm, Intruder alarm, Extinguishers, CCTV and did the fire risk assessment on the premises. 

We were called to the building at the construction stages by the client to discuss the prospect of using us to do the fire alarm, Intruder alarm, Extinguishers and CCTV installation. We worked alongside her builders and electrician to create savings for the client. The electrician ran cables in on the first fix for the client to our drawings and design.

Our one-stop engineer then came and commissioned the fire alarm, CCTV and Intruder alarm. Whilst on site we reinstalled existing extinguishers that were on-site including fire safety signs.

When the building was complete we carried out the fire risk assessment and worked with building control to get the final pass ready for the client to open.

Client Savings

We saved them an estimated £1500.00 on install charges as our one-stop engineer did all tasks. Not only have we saved the client time and disruption to the business but an estimated £450.00 a year in maintenance costs.

How did we achieve the savings?

The savings were achieved by having one company with the knowledge of many fire and security disciplines.

We gave permission to work with the site electrician to run cables in at first fix for us which gave them a saving as we didn't need more men on site doing this work.

When it came to second fixing and commissioning our team came in one visit finishing off all the jobs we were hired to do. This eradicated the need for 4-5 different companies to call out and paying extra fees. As the client took out a maintenance package they also saved with discounts we applied to the jobs. Keeping their servicing costs low.

James is extremely knowledgeable in fire safety and security products. Fire Stoppers were very easy to deal with from start to finish. He helped us with the designed of the fire alarm, extinguishers, fire risk assessment, intruder alarm and CCTV. I was very pleased with the results at a great price. I will being using the one-stop service package moving forward as the concept is a no brainer saving money and the interruption to the business.
Natalie Corpe

What can we do for you?

Fire Stoppers saves customers thousands of pounds every year by delivering a one-stop-shop for all their fires and security requirements.

Instead of requiring multiple tradespeople the gap in the market was to provide a single tradesman with all the essential skills to fulfil clients fire and security demands.