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Little House of Fun - Education

The Client

We were approached by the Electrician on this project to help design the fire alarm, emergency lighting and Extinguishers for a new nursery they were working on.

After the installations, we have taken on the servicing of the fire alarm, emergency lighting, extinguishers and PAT Testing.

Client Savings

We have saved them £500.

How did we achieve the savings?

We helped achieve savings as our one-stop engineer came to the site to complete the fire alarm, test the emergency lighting and extinguishers all in one day rather than having two or three companies in.

We also save them around £250.00 a year in maintenance costs with the one-stop service package.

James was very helpful in the fit-out stage of our first nursery. We had a tight budget and was surprised how far Fire Stoppers were prepared to go to keep us on budget. Working long hours to keep the project on time for opening. We were very pleased with the results.
Paul - Owner

What can we do for you?

Fire Stoppers saves customers thousands of pounds every year by delivering a one-stop-shop for all their fires and security requirements.

Instead of requiring multiple tradespeople the gap in the market was to provide a single tradesman with all the essential skills to fulfil clients fire and security demands.