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Hayes Park Care Home

The Client

We look after the fire alarm, emergency lighting, extinguishers, fire training, access control, nurse call system and door closers for the care home.

We took over the maintenance at the care home over 3 years ago and have since become part of the furniture there ever since.

We work very closely with the maintenance team at the home completing install projects and helping with remedial jobs around the home.

Client Savings

We save them £550.00 per year.

How did we achieve the savings?

The savings were achieved by using Fire Stoppers and our one-stop engineer across the maintenance packages needed. Instead of paying lots of different companies call-out fees they only pay for us twice a year.

We switched to James as we thought our previous suppliers were getting quite expensive. The one-stop engineer has saved us money in many areas and its's one cal for many issues which has been so much easier to manage.
Adrian - Care Manager

What can we do for you?

Fire Stoppers saves customers thousands of pounds every year by delivering a one-stop-shop for all their fires and security requirements.

Instead of requiring multiple tradespeople the gap in the market was to provide a single tradesman with all the essential skills to fulfil clients fire and security demands.