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Eurotech Partnership and Shouler Estate Agents

The Client

Working in a new partnership with Eurotech, the fire alarm system provider, we installed a wireless Eurotech Toccare Fire Alarm Panel for Shouler Estate Agents in the Cloisters block of flats covering the communal area, plant room, the loft spaces, and the rooms of the escape route lobby. 

Client Savings

Fire Stoppers saved them £1000 compared to a rival quote, but they also were going to put a hard wired system in which would have damaged compartmentation and added further fire stopping costs.

How did we achieve the savings?

The Toccare Fire Alarm Panel and the Sygno-fi Detection are both wireless and so easy and quick to install, with no mess for existing residents or major disruption, making them a perfect option combination for high-rise blocks of flats.

What can we do for you?

Fire Stoppers saves customers thousands of pounds every year by delivering a one-stop-shop for all their fires and security requirements.

Instead of requiring multiple tradespeople the gap in the market was to provide a single tradesman with all the essential skills to fulfil clients fire and security demands.