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Why is Fire Safety in the Workplace Important?

22nd June 2022

Fire safety within the workplace is essential for the employer to ensure the care and welfare of the employees.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) act Order 2005, it states that all business owners have a legal obligation to provide staff members with fire safety training suitable for the business premises. This is to ensure that employees are suitably prepared and aware of safety procedures in case of an emergency. The aim of fire safety in the workplace is to minimise risk to both lives and the property and to make sure that a safe and organised evacuation can take place.

There are various benefits to undertaking fire safety training. This blog will cover all the advantages for staff members to be fire safety trained.


No matter whether you have a few employees or a few hundred, it’s vital that all employees know what to do if a fire breaks out. Those who work for you expect the working environment to be safe, and not fully understanding fire procedures could cause them to feel uneasy. Not only does fire safety training inform them on what to do in an emergency, but it also educates them on the preventative measures that can be taken to lower the risk of a fire. 


In the recent years post-coronavirus, many workplaces have introduced hybrid working, and have worked from home away from the office more. This has encouraged greater importance on rebuilding work relationships and focusing on teamwork. Team building activities develop greater trust and communication between employees; proven to create a company culture.

Life Skills

Fire safety training in the workplace is not just applicable to work and the business premise, but also can be applied to everyday situations. The more you learn and grasp the ability to retain composure under pressure can lead to a better outcome for everyone involved.

Legal Duties

As mentioned above, all employers have a legal responsibility to provide staff with fire safety training. This is usually picked up in an annual fire risk assessment. All training should take place during working hours and should be relevant to the employees’ work environment.

At Fire Stoppers, we can provide fire training for your business and employees. We tailor this training to suit your site and provide three courses in one; fire marshal training, practical fire extinguisher training, and fire safety. Get in touch with us today to learn more.