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Why Fire Safety Is So Important

16th December 2022

Fire has many benefits that are essential to our daily lives, however, it can also be extremely dangerous, so managing it needs to be done well. From heating to cooking and more, we all use fire every day but we need to ensure that when we are doing this it doesn’t become hazardous. Smoke and flames can spread quickly in the right conditions and can not only damage your property or home but your health too, no matter how accidental or intentional the fire was. This blog will explain to you why fire safety is so important, and how you can manage it well.


Fire prevention is the best way you can avoid fire risks where possible. You need to be aware of what hazards there are so you fully understand them and are to take actions such as installing and testing fire alarms so this risk is lowered. A few simple steps can really make a difference, you should be regularly trying to prevent fires; regular testing of your alarms and understanding the risk areas of your home/property should never be forgotten about.


Fires can happen for a number of reasons, and many triggers are common fire starters. From incorrectly disposing of lit cigarettes to overloading extension leads or leaving the hob unattended, you need to work out what the main risks are for your premises. Once you’ve identified the risks, you can put steps in place to reduce the risk, and solutions include placing fire blankets, PAT testing electricals and more.


Even if you’re not a commercial or business property, it’s vital that alarms are fitted in your home to protect you. In the event of a fire, these alarms will alert you and give you a better chance of escaping. Fire and smoke alarms are great options, and once they have detected fire or smoke they will make a loud noise so you are alerted. Here at Fire Stoppers, we're third-party checked-in fire alarm maintenance by BAFE, the independent registration body for Third Party Certificated fire safety service providers across the UK. Click here to learn more about our fire alarm services.

Safety Plans

A fire alarm going off shouldn’t be the only part of your fire safety plan. It’s important that every single person in your organisation knows what to do when this alarm sounds. For example, have you got emergency lighting in place to guide people's safety? Or, have your staff practised this so they actually know your procedures and would know what to do in an emergency? You should! Even at home, you should have a plan, inform everyone of triggers and reduce risks. In fact, we offer fire training which includes full practical training, with experienced fire safety trainers at a professional training facility. You’ll even get a certificate of completion!

We’re here to help you ensure that you’re fire safety is up to scratch, click here to get in touch! For more fire safety tips and advice, click here to look through our other posts.