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What Are The Benefits Of Fire Safety Training?

6th January 2023

Fire safety training is hugely important, and comes with many benefits. It’s vital that your staff are trained to know what fire hazards are in your workplace and what to do in an emergency if a fire was to happen. This blog will explain to you both of these, as well as the fire training services we offer here at Fire Stoppers.

The Importance

Investing in your employees' fire safety training is extremely important, as ensuring your team is prepared and confident is crucial to keeping them safe, it is worth the investment. Did you know that under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers legally need to give their team fire safety training? In turn, this training will make your team feel more supported, improving their well-being.

The Benefits

  • Safety

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, fire safety training will help to keep your staff safe, it’s your responsibility to protect and look after them. If your team are unaware or unsure of your fire safety procedures, they might feel on edge or uncomfortable. Not only can this affect them and the work they do, but it might also make your customers or visitors, depending on your business feel the same way too. Fire safety training gives your team peace of mind, which goes a long way.

  • Teamwork

If you want to build your team’s communication and trust, fire training will assist in this, it’ll further boost the relationships within your team and help your culture. Through the process, your team can work collaboratively to develop skills that can help save their lives. This collaborative approach can continue to be built on out of the training, you’ll see the trust they have in each other grow.

  • Skills

Fire Safety skills will benefit your business and your employees forever, as well as this, whilst it’ll improve fire safety and knowledge in your business, you and many of your team will also use it at home, boosting everyone’s fire safety confidence. You probably already have fire safety tools, these are important, but ensuring you and your staff have the ability to use these in a high-pressure situation, such as an emergency, is important.

Legal responsibility 

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, states that the responsible person should carry out a fire risk assessment, these include getting rid of or reducing fire risks, and working out who and what is most at risk. Through completing a fire risk assessment, fire safety training is usually recommended. Training your team shows that you are serious about reducing fire risk and really care about your team. Simply put, fire safety training should happen during your normal hours and be suited to your workplace. When your employees join your team they should be trained initially and then given further training if any changes occur that are relevant to fire safety.

How we can help

Here at Fire Stoppers, we can provide your business with fire safety training that will meet the legal requirements. Our training is full practical training carried out by experienced fire safety trainers. This will take place in a professional training facility and you’ll even get a certificate of completion. This will all be tailored to your workplace and will be hands-on, so your team can practice and will know exactly what to do in the event of a fire. To find out more about our fire safety training, click here.

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