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The Significance Of Fire Safety In Offices

31st March 2023

Office environments are no exceptions, they need to be fire safe like many other commercial places, it’s extremely important. From ensuring you have the right fire extinguishers that are up to date, to visible signage, a range of elements will need to work together to keep your premises, staff and visitors safe in the office. This blog will explain to you how you can ensure your office is as fire safe as possible, so you’re following regulations and being fire safe.

Responsible Person

The responsible person for fire safety in an office is typically the owner or the employer, the person who is most responsible. It’s important to know who this person is so they can ensure they’re fulfilling their fire safety responsibilities. This person is responsible for fire risk assessments, fire training and information, as well as ensuring fire safety measures are in place. They’re also the person who will plan for a fire emergency if one was to happen.


Whilst you might think the office is a fire safe place, there are some hazards you should be aware of. Firstly offices typically have lots of electrical equipment, there only needs to be one faulty piece to start a fire, therefore checks and PAT testing is needed to help avoid this. It’ll ensure the electrics in the office are safe and will allow you to know what pieces are faulty and need replacing before they start a fire. Similarly, during the colder months, many offices like to use portable heaters if their heating isn’t great, however, these can create a hazard if they’re too close to bins or in places with no ventilation.


Planning out escape routes is key, and having correct signage will ensure the team knows where to go. Without this, there could be serious consequences like the loss of life. These routes need to be cleared, so ensure they’re not used for storage. Not only will signage be useful for your team, but it’ll also allow guests and visitors to safely evacuate the building, one that they might not be familiar with. You should also ensure that fire doors aren’t being held open, they need to be shut to be effective.


Office spaces typically have general fire safety risks that come from paper and furniture as well as flammable liquids. Most offices will need Class A extinguishers that work on solid materials, think wood and carpets and Class B extinguishers that can be used on flammable liquids like oil, this could be in your furniture polish. Water mist extinguishers can also be useful, along with multi-purpose extinguishers. It’s also important that these extinguishers are serviced regularly.

How we can help

Here at Fire Stoppers, we can help you with your office fire safety, from fire risk assessments to emergency lighting and fire training, our engineers are highly trained and qualified, and we’re here to ensure your fire safety is the best that it can be. We can also help you install and service fire extinguishers, click here to learn more.

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