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The Importance Of Fire Extinguisher Servicing

20th January 2023

Did you know that fire extinguishers need to be serviced regularly? Or more importantly, why they need to be serviced? This blog will explain to you both so you understand how and why they need to be looked after, so you can put the steps in place in order to do so.

Fire extinguishers are extremely important pieces of equipment, that can really make a difference if a fire was to happen. They’re found in a variety of places, from businesses to public places and sometimes homes too. Unfortunately, these pieces of equipment do have a limited lifespan, therefore it’s key to ensure they’re being serviced so you’ve always got equipment that will work should the worst happen.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that fire equipment like fire extinguishers need to be properly installed and fit for purpose, this includes maintenance. Your fire extinguishers should be in a place that’s easy to access so you can reach them easily in the event of an emergency. 

This is what experts will be looking out for when servicing your extinguishers:

  • Recharging

If your extinguishers discharge, even by accident, it needs to be checked, recharged or replaced. Once it’s discharged, even just a little bit it could leak so it’s important to get it checked. This is your responsibility, as it’s important they will work should you need them to.

  • Labels

Even if the extinguisher has never been used, it still needs to be serviced. Unsurprisingly, fire extinguishers experience wear and tear too, especially if they’re located in a busy place. It’s vital that all labels can easily be read as they have key information about how to use the extinguishers, as well as for engineers to record when it’s been serviced.

  • Leaks

Whilst fire extinguishers do have a pressure gauge, these sometimes fail. During a service, engineers can see if the extinguisher has a faulty gauge or if the extinguisher has actually lost pressure. This applies to all extinguishers apart from CO2 ones as they have no gauge due to the high pressure they operate at.

  • Internal Damage

Wear and tear doesn’t only happen on the outside of extinguishers, it takes place on the inside too, like that’s corrosion to the materials on the inside or its mechanisms. This needs to be checked as corrosion could mean that a fire extinguisher won’t work. As well as this, things can get into the hose and block it when an extinguisher hasn’t been used. Again, engineers need to check this to ensure the extinguisher can work to maximum efficiency when needed to keep you and your premises safe.

How We Can Help

Here at Fire Stoppers, we can install and service your fire extinguishers. Our engineers’ expert knowledge means that we can do this in a quick and accurate way, we’ll visit our premises regularly to ensure that your extinguishers are working properly. If you need new extinguishers, we’ll replace these at a cost-effective price. We’ll also dispose of your old extinguisher in an environmentally friendly way at our offices, so you don’t need to. Interested? Click here to learn more about this service.

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