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Landlords Safety Responsibilities

8th December 2021

If you live in rented accommodation it’s important you understand what your landlord's responsibilities are when it comes to your safety. There are 3 main areas that your landlord should be taking the necessary checks to ensure that the property you live in is safe and free from any health hazards. 


Gas safety 

Your landlord is responsible for: 

  • Making sure the gas equipment they supply is fitted safely and is maintained by a gas safe registered engineer. 
  • Making sure they have a registered engineer to do an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue. 
  • Giving you a copy of the gas safety check record before you move in. 


Electrical safety 

Your landlord must: 

  • Make sure the electrical system is safe. For example all sockets and light fittings. 
  • Ensure that all appliances which they supply are safe. For example, cookers and microwaves. 


Fire safety 

Your landlord is responsible for: 

  • Following all safety regulations. 
  • Providing a smoke alarm on every floor and also a carbon monoxide alarm in any roof with a solid fuel-burning appliance. For example, a wood-burning stove or coal fire. 
  • Checking you have access to a safe escape route at all times. 
  • Making sure that the furniture they supply is fire safe. 
  • Providing fire alarms and fire extinguishers if the property you rent is a house of HMO (house of multiple occupation)