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How You Can Educate Your Workforce on Fire Safety

11th February 2022

Does your business have a fire safety strategy in place? We don’t just mean have you purchased fire safety equipment, we mean are your staff fully educated on fire safety? Ensuring that all of your staff are educated on fire safety can be a huge challenge, so Fire Stoppers want to help you with it. In this blog, we will look at how you can educate your workforce on fire safety.

Starting from day one

It’s essential that you start educating your staff on fire safety as soon as possible. This is why their first day is a great opportunity to show them the ropes, not just of how your business works, but also how your fire safety training works. 

You should take this opportunity to teach the employee about fire drills, fire evacuation procedures, and where they can find their nearest fire exit. We also suggest emailing them a summary of the information you share with them for their records. 

Email Updates

Following on from your employee’s first day, we recommend sending regular email updates. Just as your fire equipment should be maintained and checked regularly, any fire safety plans should also be regularly reviewed. It is essential that any changes or updates to your fire safety plan must be communicated to staff, the easiest way to do this is by sending them emails or holding meetings to discuss the changes. 

Fire Drills

While teaching your employees theory is important, practice is essential, especially when it comes to fire safety. This is why it is the law to hold fire drills at least once a year at your workplace. This is so that your employees can put into practice everything they’ve learned.


Did you know that it is actually a legal requirement to have HSE Health and Safety posters posted around your workplace? We suggest creating and posting your own posters, in which you detail your workplace’s fire safety protocol, by the side of these posters. By positioning them in visible locations, you will refresh the memory of your staff members and will educate any guests that visit your workplace. 

If you would like to learn more about how to educate your employees on fire safety, contact us today. Otherwise, feel free to browse our other blogs here