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Health & Safety Managers: Who are they and what do they do?

11th March 2022

Workplace Health and Safety can be a tricky subject to tackle in your business but it is absolutely essential in ensuring that your employees are staying safe. Not having the correct knowledge or qualifications can make it difficult to identify and fire health and safety risks. This is why it is important to have a Health and Safety Manager appointment in your organisation. If you’re unsure as to what this role entails, don’t worry, in this blog, we’ll discuss just this. 

Health and Safety Managers

A Health and Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment for your employees. Their main duties include:

  • Monitoring work areas to identify any hazards
  • Investigating accidents
  • Educating employees about risks
  • Taking necessary actions to fix any problems
  • Offering health and safety advice to employees
  • Helping employees to avoid and minimise risks in the workplace
  • Helping to create and manage health and safety policies and monitoring systems
  • Ensuring the business complies with health and safety legislation
  • Ensuring inspections are carried out when needed

Having a Health and Safety Manager in place can help to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. They can also ensure that employees are working in compliance with HSE legislation.

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