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Fire Safety Checklist For Business Owners

9th March 2023

Are you a business owner who needs some help with fire safety? It’s vital that your building is fire safe, following all regulations, to protect the premises and the people inside it too. From inspecting and testing equipment to implementing training and signs, this blog will give you a checklist of fire safety tools you should be implementing.

Firstly, fire safety is extremely important, not only to ensure you’re following fire safety regulations and avoiding fines but also to save lives if a fire was to break out. No one wants to think about a fire on their premises, but you need to ensure you’re fully prepared and have up-to-date fire safety if the worst should happen.

  • Fire log book

A fire safety book is an important part of a business’ fire safety. This book should include information about all of your fire safety systems, services and inspections. From fire door information, to when your extinguishers were last serviced, this book will ensure all your fire safety information is together, allowing you to keep on top of it easily.

  • Emergency lights

Emergency lights will allow people to leave your premises safely, by illuminating emergency routes and exits. These lights need to have regular checks to ensure they are working and should be replaced/fixed. This is because during a fire there could be a loss of power, and your entire building could be plunged into darkness.

  • Fire safety signs

Your premises should have a range of informative and appropriate fire safety signs, placed in key placings based on your building’s layout. These signs should be easy to see during an emergency, therefore you need to check that they’re not damaged and installed correctly; you don’t want any falling down.

  • Fire alarms

Perhaps the most obvious fire safety tool, your building should have a fire alarm system that is up-to-date and maintained well. This means alarms are in the right places and are tested regularly to ensure they don’t run out of power. A good system will allow emergency services to know exactly what zone the fire is in thanks to its impressive design.

  • Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are another key fire safety tool. You need to ensure the right extinguisher is installed for your needs, whether that’s CO2, dry powder, foam, water, or wet chemical. Certain extinguishers will suit your business needs the best. It’s also important that you and your team are trained properly to ensure they can use these extinguishers effectively.

At Fire Stoppers, our fire safety experts can help you carry out all of these fire safety tools and more! From training, help and guidance, to installation and servicing our team will ensure your fire safety is the best that it can be. Click here to see the fire safety services we offer. We’re passionate about helping you keep your premises safe; we even offer a one-stop shop aiming to have all of your fire safety needs to be sorted in one visit. To get in touch with our team, head to our contact us page.

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