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FAQs: Smoke Alarms and Detectors

24th November 2021

Smoke alarms don’t last forever, and they need testing regularly to ensure full functionality. They should be tested once a week to be exact in order to keep our loved ones safe and protect our family. But do you know all you need to know about smoke alarms?

This blog will share the frequently asked questions we hear around smoke alarms and detectors, and the answers you need to guarantee your home is safe.

How long do smoke alarms last?

When you purchase a smoke alarm, it comes with instructions that tell you how long it will last and when it needs to be replaced. If these instructions are no longer available to you, the general rule to live by is to replace them every 10 years.

How do I know how old it is without any paper instructions?

If you can’t find the instructions or can’t recall when the smoke alarm was originally installed, you can determine the date of manufacture by checking the back of the alarm where the date should be printed.

What should I do if my smoke alarm is beeping?

If your smoke alarm is beeping often, you need to replace the battery urgently. If your alarm keeps going off after changing the batteries, there may be a fault with the alarm, so seek advice from a fire safety professional, like us at Firestoppers, immediately.

How often should I change the batteries?

We recommend changing the batteries annually to keep them working properly. The only exception of this is if your alarm has a 10-year battery. Be sure to not remove the batteries unless you’re actually changing them.

How do I know if the battery is 10 years old?

If your smoke alarm has a 10-year battery it will most likely be sealed to stop you from removing and accessing the battery.

Do I still need to replace the smoke alarm if it’s a wired alarm?

Yes, you do, even hard-wired alarms need to be replaced every 10 years to make sure it’s working fully.

Do I need to replace the batteries in a hard-wired alarm?

Even though your alarm is connected to electricity, it’s important to change the batteries yearly to be confident that if there was ever a power cut, your alarm would still go off.

What do I do if my hard-wired alarm keeps beeping?

If your alarm is hard-wired and keeps beeping, first you should try replacing the battery, and if it continues to beep, you need to contact a qualified technician to check it’s wired correctly and check for any electrical issues and faults.

If you need any further questions about your fire alarms or detectors, then contact us today on 0800 799 9514, or click here to fill out our online enquiry form.