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Eurotech Partnership and Shouler Estate Agents Case Study

6th June 2022

Working in a new partnership with Eurotech, the fire alarm system provider, we installed a wireless Eurotech panel for Shouler Estate Agents in the Cloisters block of flats covering the communal area, plant room, the loft spaces, and the rooms of the escape route lobby. 

The Problem

Following a fire risk assessment, the existing life fire safety system was deemed non-compliant with current legislation. The fire risk assessment highlighted concerns with the compartmentation in the loft spaces and emphasised the need to have detection in these voids. The existing system in place was non-compliant and in need of an upgrade to ensure the complete safety of the building and its residents. 

The Solution

The solution was to install the Toccare Fire Alarm Panel with Sygno-fi Detection. The key benefit of this wireless system is the little disruption it would cause the tenants, as it could be installed within the day compared to a week’s worth of work installing a wired system.

The wireless system was also the most appropriate solution as it caused no further damage to the property and compartmentation. The hole that would have to be drilled when installing a wired fire alarm system can lead to compartmentation issues and allow smoke and fire to spread through the building; which you don’t get with a wireless system.

The Benefits

The Toccare Fire Alarm Panel both looks good and fits in seamlessly with high-end apartment blocks, there are no big ugly grey boxes like with other systems. Sygno-fi is the detection used as part of the fire alarm system, linking up to the Toccare fire panel. Both are wireless and so easy and quick to install, with no mess for existing residents or major disruption, making them a perfect option combination for high-rise blocks of flats.

  • QR codes for each device in each flat to easily manage, locate and programme each device. 
  • 15-minute installation time ensuring minimal disruption for residents. 
  • State-of-the-art wireless system, reducing the workload cable systems entail. 
  • Robust programme system & hierarchy between infrastructure devices and field devices, allowing for streamlined system communication. 
  • Expanders work as a mesh, so if one of the expanders loses its primary communication path with the translator, it is able to communicate via its secondary communication path back to the translator, ensuring the system integrity is not compromised.

The Partnership

Working in partnership with Eurotech ensures that as a customer you will receive manufacturer support as well as support from us at Firestoppers for peace of mind throughout the whole process and aftermath. Eurotech provides ongoing technical assistance through our in-house Technical Support Team, so if there are ever any issues with the system that the installer can’t solve, we’re on hand with manufacturer assistance. Eurotech also assists with site surveys to ensure the design of the system being installed is compliant with relevant legislation. Fire safety systems are sent to the site pre-programmed for faster installation, minimising installers’ time on site. 

If you would like to learn more about Eurotech Fire Alarm systems please visit their website here, and if you would like to enquire about a fire risk assessment or system installation, please contact us.