Providing Care Homes With Nurse Call Systems

At Fire Stoppers Ltd in Nottingham, we offer the installation and servicing of wireless radio Nurse Call systems to residential care homes. The Nurse Call systems are efficiently installed into homes across the UK. We install a cost effective system, one which meets the needs of residents and staff members. It is essential that regular testing is undertaken, and so the team offer annual maintenance and repairs.

The Nurse Call systems provided by Fire Stoppers Ltd have many benefits. They allow you to monitor resident and staff activity throughout the care home. This technology is invaluable as it gives residents their own freedom and dignity whilst also ensuring that they have the safest environment possible.

Time Effective Maintenance

We provide residential care homes with service and maintenance packages for their Nurse Call systems. This service can be used on our one-stop service package. We understand the crucial need for a rapid service and are always speedy when providing repairs.

Wall Panel

Provide Your Residential Home With The Latest Technology

The Nurse Call system is a high quality piece of technology which can benefit individuals lives greatly. It has built in Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, allowing connectivity to a wide range of devices. The devices have also been designed to fit effortlessly into the living environment of residents.

If you would like further information on the installation and servicing of the Nurse Call system that we provide, then contact us today. We value ourselves in giving reliable advice.

We are here if you need a Nurse Call System quote, install, maintenance or review of current equipment and service.


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