Electrical Works in Nottingham

Fire Stoppers Ltd in Nottingham offer a wide range of electrical services. Our highly qualified electricians can help with your businesses needs, including providing electrical inspections and testings. Our security lighting solutions work great with the CCTV services that we offer.

Over time electrical wiring can deteriorate, this can lead to risk of a potential fatal electric shock or fire. To ensure that employees and the property are protected, every electrical installation should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that it remains in safe condition. We can help to make sure that these important safety inspections are carried out in the correct way.

The average inspection and testing procedure takes a couple of hours, however the size of the property will determine this. The testing involves no disruption to the property, we do not make any mess. We have over 10 years worth of experience in the industry and also provide our clients with a full written report, known as the Electrical Installation Condition Report.


Here are some benefits of having an Electrical Installation Condition Report:


by having an up to date report, you can prove that you have taken your tenants safety seriously.


If your premises has experienced major damage then a report can document any faults correctly.


The report documents defects that are found, ranging from minor to dangerous faults. We also provide recommendations for safety improvements. If you would like an electrical inspection and test then contact Fire Stoppers Ltd.

We are here if you need an electrical works quote, install or review of current equipment and service.

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